What Is A Cuddle Buddy?

What is a cuddle buddy? Similar to how people look online for dating, relationships or casual hookups, there also exists a market for “cuddle buddies” wherein two people meet up strictly to cuddle. This may sound weird and the idea of cuddle buddies seems to gather mixed opinions from the general public, but this sort of activity is serving the purpose of fulfilling the human desire for affection. The concept of a cuddle buddy isn’t anything new, but with the growing popularity of online dating related services we’re likely to see an increase in the number of sites/applications offering cuddle buddy matches.

How does this work? Traditionally, two people meeting up for cuddling would likely know each other in some capacity either as a friend or former romantic partner. What if you don’t know anyone available to do this with? One possible option is to use Craigslist personal ads, though you’d probably have better luck using a service specifically tailored to finding other people looking to cuddle. Such online services may include Cuddle Comfort or Spoonr. Another option is turning to a professional cuddling service such as The Snuggle Buddies or Cuddlery, though these options won’t come cheap.

What actually happens? People meeting up for cuddles may partake in any number of activities such as watching TV/movies, playing games, going for a walk or simply falling asleep. The common requirement would be removing any sexual aspect of the activity. Considering the nature of a cuddle buddy meetup, you’d generally be meeting at the home of one of the participating parties. The professional cuddle services are billed based on time whereas a casual cuddle meetup may continue for no specific duration.

Should I do this? We see this as being an interesting way for people to improve their lives, though at the same time we need to acknowledge the inherent risks involved with meeting random people in a home environment. We would suggest first trying to find someone you know who’s willing to try this. You might also want to try an organized cuddle group event if anything is available in your area.

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